Vologda Region to allocate RUB 30 mln for aquaculture projects in 2018

Companies registered and operating in the region can count on subsidies

Approximately RUB 30 million will be allocated to the Vologda Region in 2018 to support aquaculture projects, Deputy Governor Mikhail Glazkov told TASS during the first Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg.

“The government of the Vologda Region and the agriculture department are currently working on an aquaculture development programme, which is scheduled to be introduced in the region in 2018. Companies wishing to develop aquaculture will be able to apply for subsidies. We plan to earmark approximately RUB 30 million of state support from the regional budget for these projects”, Glazkov said.

Glazkov said the region has set the objective of increasing fish production by 7–10 times over the next three years – from the current 100 tonnes to 700-1,000 tonnes. There are four companies in the region that actively operate in this segment of the market, including the fish company Diana, which is famous for breeding sturgeon and carp. In 2016, Diana produced a record volume of black caviar for Russia – 18 tonnes. In total, Vologda companies bred just over 100 tonnes of fish last year.

Companies registered and operating in the region will be able to count on the subsidies. The subsidies will be allocated for the purchase of fry and feed as well as the construction of production facilities for fish farming – compensation for part of direct costs and interest on loans raised for aquaculture projects, Glazkov noted.

“We tentatively estimated the situation and discussed possible projects with potential investors. The Vologda Region is a rather young region in terms of fish breeding experience, although industrial fishing has existed in the region since the dawn of time. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the volumes of fish caught declined and today we catch about 2,000 tonnes. Our neighbour – the Republic of Karelia – produces about 20,000 tonnes within the framework of aquaculture projects. Until recently, the Vologda Region had virtually no experience of this kind”, he said.

The first Global Fishery Forum is being held in St. Petersburg on 14–16 September at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex. The Forum and Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood and Knowhow is a key industry event in Russia that will bring together industry leaders, representatives of the state authorities, and the general public.

Source: TASS