Sierra Leone fishing minister to take part in Global Fishery Forum

Sierra Leone Minister of Marine Resources and Fisheries Elizabeth Mans has officially confirmed she will take part in the first Global Fishery Forum & International Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood and Knowhow.

A delegation from Sierra Leone plans to hold a number of meetings with potential investors, take part in a plenary session and roundtables, and also hold a number of bilateral meetings at the Forum.

“The international geography of the Forum is expanding: today we can confidently say that representatives of all continents will take part in the event”, Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Federal Agency for Fishery Director Ilya Shestakov said.

For the first time following a long break, Russia will organize this major fishing industry event. Delegations from more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America are expected to take part in the Forum.

The Republic of Sierra Leone is among the world’s top hundred fishing and fish export countries and has great prospects in this area. The fishing industries of Russia and Sierra Leone have a long history of cooperation.

At present, an intergovernmental bilateral agreement on cooperation in fisheries dated 15 July 2013 is the legal basis for relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The document grants Russian fishing vessels the ability to fish in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Sierra Leone and determine the composition of catches and number of Russian vessels allowed each year, while also providing for the development of bilateral cooperation in the conservation, management, and sustainable use of living marine resources.

The agreement also envisages joint fisheries research, the development and implementation of scientific and technical programmes, the development of aquaculture, fishing and fish processing technologies as well as other fishery facilities, improving the quality and safety of fish products, and developing fishery-related production activities, including shipbuilding, ship repair, the construction of freezing, refrigeration, and processing facilities as well as other areas. In addition, the Fisheries Education Centre was opened in Freetown as part of the Russian-financed part of the United Nations Industrial Development Project.

The Global Fishery Forum & International Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood and Knowhow will take place in St. Petersburg at the Lenexpo Exhibition Centre on 14–16 September 2017.

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