Global Fishery Forum 2019: Patrushev and Shestakov attend the launch of new vessel at Pella Shipyard

The Scorpion freezer trawler for Murmansk fishermen was launched in St. Petersburg. The official ceremony was held at the Pella Shipyard on 10 July as part of the III Global Fishery Forum and International Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology (Seafood Expo Russia). The vessel was built under the state support programme for fleet renewal using the mechanism of investment quotas.

The event was attended by Dmitry Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries; Gerbert Tsaturov, General Director of  the Pella Shipyard; and Yuri Parshev, Executive Director of the Fest Group.

The freezer fishing trawler of the 1701 project was ordered by the Murmansk fishing company Strelets (part of FEST Group). The Scorpion is intended for bottom and pelagic fishing and onboard fish processing. The project provides for a freezing hold of 1,200 cubic metres. The freezing equipment has a cooling capacity of at least 70 tonnes of frozen products a day. The fish factory located on board is equipped for sorting, decapitation, gutting and filleting of fish, as well as for production of minced feed and disposal of fish waste. The investment in the project amounts to EUR 33 millions.

Under the investment quota programme, FEST Group is building a second similar trawler at the Pella Shipyard, which is also expected to be launched in 2019. In addition, the Group plans to build two more vessels over the next five years. According to preliminary estimates, they will be launched by 2025 at the latest.

In general, the state support programme for investment quotas has provided for contracts to build 24 vessels for the Northern Fishery Basin, and an agreement will be signed shortly to fix the quota for building another vessel for the fishermen of the North-West. The commissioning of these vessels by 2024 will renew about 65% of the Northern Basin fleet’s capacity.

“Launch of the new facilities will not only largely provide the domestic market with quality fish products; it will also boost exports. The main thing is that each new vessel means convenient work places that meet the requirements of navigation safety and provide our fishermen with decent salaries. I am confident that the number of such facilities will keep rising every year”, Dmitry Patrushev stressed.

For his part, Ilya Shestakov noted that fleet renewal by such large enterprises is strategically important for the industry’s development. “First of all, it means increasing the industry’s economic efficiency and expanding the share of high-quality products for domestic and foreign markets. The fleet renewal will enhance the environmental friendliness of fishing through use of waste-free processing, also creating decent working conditions at sea, which is expected to raise the prestige of the fisherman's profession and ensure an inflow of young people to work in the fleet”, he said.

Currently, FEST Group vessels catch more than 130,000 tonnes of fish, which is almost a quarter of the total catch in the Northern Fishery Basin (at the end of 2018, the total catch in the Northern Fisheries Basin was 576,000 tonnes). The company produces more than 100,000 tonnes of various fish products.

Source: Press Service of the Federal Agency for Fisheries