Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg confirms participation in Global Fishery Forum

The Global Fishery Forum & International Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood and Knowhow (Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo) will take place in St. Petersburg on September 14–16, 2017. Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Federal Agency for Fishery Director Ilya Shestakov has announced that Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg plans to take part in the event.

The minister of agriculture of Morocco and the minister of fisheries of the Faroe Islands have tentatively agreed to take part in the Forum. “The architecture of the Forum’s programme has currently been compiled. We expect our foreign colleagues to have great interest in the themes that have been proposed for discussion. I am sure that the Global Fishery Forum will become a key platform for a multilateral dialogue of market participants and representatives of the government authorities and specialized departments”, said Shestakov, who is the chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee.

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Background information:

Organizer: Federal Agency for Fishery (Rosrybolovstvo) regulates the production, conservation, and reproduction of aquatic biological resources.

The agency’s responsibilities include organizing industrial fishing in the sea and freshwater, scientific support for fishing, replenishing fish stocks, developing aquaculture (commercial fish farming), supervising the safety of fishing vessel navigation and rescue operations in fishing areas as well as production activities on vessels and at seaports.

One of the Federal Fisheries Agency’s top objectives is to ensure the sustainable development of the fishery industry, which makes a significant contribution to the country’s food security and is a driver of economic growth in the coastal regions.

The Russian Federation accounts for more than 4.5% of global fish production and consistently ranks fifth or sixth in the world in terms of this indicator. In 2016, Russian fishermen had a record catch rate for the past 20 years: about 4.8 million tons of aquatic biological resources were caught, or almost 6% more than in 2015. Industry organizations had turnover of RUB 290.9 billion, an increase of 11.1% from 2015 in current prices.

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