Kaliningrad Region to release over 40 mln cans of sprats to Russian market

In 2017, the Kaliningrad Region will meet up to 50% of the country’s demand for sprats

Director of the Regional Agency for fishery Andrey Mikhalevich made this announcement to TASS during the first Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg. He said the region produced a total of 18.7 million cans of canned sprats in 2015 and 32 million in 2016. Output is expected to increase to 42–44 million cans in 2017.

Mikhalevich noted that sprats produced in the Kaliningrad Region meet high standards.

“I think that Kaliningrad has some of the best quality products in the country”, he said.

RBC Kaliningrad previously reported that 68.5 tonnes of fish products have been shipped to EU countries since the start of the year compared to roughly 220 tonnes over the same period of 2016. The Federal Agency for Fisheries office explained that there has been a decrease in the number of enterprises that export fish due to the lack of popularity of Baltic cod on the markets of EU countries.

Source: RBC