Global Fishery Forum addresses fishing issues in the context of globalization

The first Global Fishery Forum and Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood, and Knowhow opened on 14 September in St. Petersburg.

“I must admit, in undertaking such a large-scale event, we set an ambitious goal. We chose a format that is unprecedented in the fishing industry, and offered business, the government, experts, and scientists the opportunity to sit down at the same table and find a balance of interests taking into account global market trends and the state of ecosystems. We are glad that interest in the Forum exceeded our expectations, judging from the impressive number of participants and guests at the event – more than 1,600 people”, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for Fisheries Director Ilya Shestakov said during the opening ceremony of the Global Fishery Forum.

“An event in a fundamentally new format is starting today in St. Petersburg – the first Global Fishery Forum. This is an important event for the domestic and global fish industry”, Roscongress Foundation Director Alexander Stuglev said.

The Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood, and Knowhow, which will last until 16 September, features more than 100 exhibitors – Russian and foreign companies as well as research institutes presenting their achievements, products, and equipment for the fishing industry.

The Forum’s business programme opened with the plenary session ‘A Global View of Fishing in the World Ocean: Cooperation or Competition?’

The event was attended by leading politicians and fisheries experts from all over the world: Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for Fisheries Director Ilya Shestakov, Minister of Fisheries of the Kingdom of Norway Per Sandberg, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Morocco Aziz Akhannouch, Chilean Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture Pablo Berazaluce Maturana, Japan Fisheries Association President Toshiro Sirasu, Executive Secretary and General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean and Black Sea at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization Abdellah Srour, Vice President and Secretary General of China Overseas Fisheries Association Huang Baoshan, Minister in Charge of Industry and the Agro-Industrial Complex at the Eurasian Economic Commission Sergey Sidorsky, and International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) Director General Andrew Mallison.

The discussion focused on meeting national interests in fishery matters in areas where international treaties are in effect. The speakers discussed the current legal regulation and the feasibility of rethinking the strategy for the joint sustainable development of bioresources in the World Ocean. Given the increase in the world population and the insufficient resource base that large countries are encountering, a balance must be found today between the competing interests of the numerous countries involved.

Sovereign rights to fish bioresources within the exclusive economic zones of states remain inviolable, and most of the open water areas of the World Ocean are covered by multilateral international agreements, but unregulated zones remain. At the same time, the United Nations is working to protect “ocean health” and establish protected marine areas that limit industrial fishing. Today, as never before, interaction between states and international organizations in the fishing industry is important for the comprehensive provision of national and global interests in the World Ocean.

The Global Fishery Forum and Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood, and Knowhow is being held on 14–16 September in St. Petersburg at Lenexpo Exhibition Centre. The Forum’s business programme consists of a plenary session, conference, and 7 panel sessions.

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