Federal Agency for Fishery Director Ilya Shestakov comments on fishing industry’s results for the year and shares development plans

Speaking about the events to be held next year, Ilya Shestakov said that one of the key events for the industry will be the first Russian Fish Forum and International Fish Industry Exhibition to be held in the autumn in St. Petersburg. Not only Russian members of the fishing industry and related sectors, but organizations and delegations from various fishing nations have been invited to take part in the exhibition and forum. The forum will include a discussion of the draft Strategy for the Development of the Fishing Industry in Russia until 2030 in light of the trends taking place on the global market.

The press conference also talked about measures to strengthen fish protection activities, develop port infrastructure, plans for restoring national fish stocks and, specifically, the objectives of the Main Basin Directorate for Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources (Glavrybvod), which will be established in 2017. The media representatives were also interested in questions about fish prices, innovations in safety control, and the legality of fish products.